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Setting up and running your own store should be fun and easy. You can sell anything to anyone at any time due to modern technology and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of apps that will make this entire process easier from store builders to shipping and feedback. In fact, there are so many of these apps available, the choice might be a bit overwhelming. To make it easier for you, here are the best E-Commerce Apps for Apple devices.

Building Your Site

Once you have decided what you want to sell you will want to get your store up and running as quickly as possible with minimum fuss. There are a lot of store-building sites out there, but you need to get the best one for you and your product. After all, this is going to be how you make all your sales to begin with until you get a handle on the best marketing apps and have been around for a while. Top10 is a great site to go to as they have already compared the best site builders for you.

Inventory Management – Orderhive

It is important to keep track of your stock, especially if you are selling it internationally. Use an app such as Orderhive to help you stay on top of this. They offer automated inventory updates across channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to help you stay on top of inventory management. This app can also print labels and track packages for you through all the main delivery companies such as UPS and DHL. They can track these companies anywhere in the world. It can manage drop shipping, wholesale orders, and purchasing for you. These things are going to be very important to you once your store is up and running.

Marketing – Helium 10

This is a very handy app to have on your device. It is designed to help you understand key trends if you are selling your products on Amazon. It offers information about seasonal trends, profit estimates, and success rates. This will help you to identify what is selling and what isn’t. You can use this app to maximize profits by offering more of a range that is selling well or discontinuing a product that isn’t selling.

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This app will also assist you in planning ad campaigns as it identifies keyword research tools, which means you can streamline your advertising and won’t waste money on campaigns that don’t work.

Speed – Algolia

This great app allows wholesalers and distributors to offer 24/7 ordering. This means that they are never closed, and you can manage your ordering at 2 am if you want to. It is quick to set up and its other functions include advertising and messaging functions that you can use to help you maximize profits.

Address Verification – Lob

Lob is designed to verify the postal addresses of your customers. They hold up-to-date databases, meaning that your package can get to the person it was intended for with the minimum of hassle. This is extremely useful for customer relations and getting great feedback will be invaluable to you if you want to run a successful online store and grow your business.

Cross-Selling – SellerChamp

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is through cross-selling and this is the perfect app to help you do that. SellerChamp will allow you to list, reprice, and cross-sell your inventory on all the main platforms such as Amazon, e-Bay, and Shopify. It will enable you to list 1000s of items in minutes across multiple channels. Use this app if you want to grow your business at a great speed.

Payment – PayPal

PayPal has been around for years, and it is one of the most trusted payment methods for E-Commerce. You can use this app to make and receive payments without having to hand over your own payment details. It works by allowing you to link it to your credit card and bank account meaning that the other party does not have access to your financial information. This makes it a safe and secure app to use when transacting money.

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Use these apps to help you manage every function you need to run a simple and successful E-Commerce business.

What is E-Export?

E-export is an export model that refers to the sale of any product or service abroad. In short, e-export is «sending the products or services sold through e-commerce to the customer abroad within the framework of micro export rules».apple ecommerce In other words, e-export is the intersection of e-commerce, micro-export and the online customer abroad. It can also be defined as an electronically supported version of traditional exports. Micro-export is an easier method of ecommerce This type of export, which involves the process of selling products or services to online consumers abroad through e-commerce sites or online marketplaces, has led to the development of the international transportation sector. E-export specialist, authorized express cargo companies undertake the order deliveries of companies selling products via e-export all over the world.

Corporate Website, E-commerce & E-Export Website, Authentic Software

Consumers want to options that are safe, convenient, and easy to use when making online purchases. For this reason, alternative payment options like PayPal have really gained in popularity. Ecommerce sites realize now that, with mobile purchases making up so much of the total ecommerce sales, providing options that don’t require entering financial information every time a purchase is made is vital.

As if choosing from various payment options for your ecommerce site isn’t hard enough already, Apple had to go and decide to throw their hat in the ring. Really, who could blame them, with PayPal handling more than $20 billion in mobile ecommerce payments in 2013? One has to wonder why they haven’t thought of it before. Google Wallet, Visa’s, and smaller companies like Square all comprise a large chunk of online payments, as well. Obviously, there’s enough money out there to go around when it comes to alternative payment options for ecommerce.

A Good Head Start

Apple is already in the business of making purchases easy and convenient, which gives them a head start on creating a payment tool for goods and services outside their current catalog. The transition to a payment option for many ecommerce sites would be an easy one for Apple, too. After all, they’re already in possession of hundreds of millions of credit card numbers for purchases of songs and apps on iTunes. Converting that information to a new program for online purchases from other merchants would make the process easier than ever for current Apple customers.

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Also a big plus in Apple’s favor is existing customer trust, which isn’t an easy thing to gain. Amid stories of large retailers losing control of data, consumers are more wary than ever. Square has really captured a good portion of the market, especially for such a small company, but customers may still be wary for quite some time, until the company has had a chance to prove its security. A company that already holds the consumer’s trust due to years of information security has a great head start over newer companies.

Perhaps as a test run for future plans, the company already allows customers to use their Apple ID to make purchases in retail stores. Products purchased in the stores are scanned as they would normally be, and then the customer has the option of using the credit card on file with iTunes to make payment rather than pulling out cash or a credit card in the store.

Preparing for the Inevitable

Should Apple actually enter the alternative payment game, expect your customers to welcome the platform wholeheartedly. The big guys like PayPal likely have little to worry about, as many loyal customers will continue to use their trusted payment options rather than exploring new options. Consumers who have resisted payment through PayPal, however, may be ready to jump right on board with a company they’ve already trusted for years. Rather than replace already-popular ecommerce payment options, Apple’s payment platform could simply bring even more buyers to the online shopping scene.

Will you welcome Apple’s online payment platform when it arrives? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these developments in the comments.

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